The Big Reveal

Making Friends (And Enemies)

Part of Stage 1: Establish


  • Sandy and Liza met on OKCupid. On their first date, they felt zero chemistry. After an hour of fumbling through conversation, they realized they were both new players in the Louisville occult underground. 
  • Ryan had seen Sandy a few times at the University of Louisville, and finally started a conversation with her. Through their friendship, he met Sandy. The three started a sort-of cabal based on a modicum of trust. 
  • Aden and Liam used to belong to the Young Practicals, but left after Frank Hovat unofficially took over and started pushing the group into darker, more violent directions. The two kept in touch and eventually met Liza online. She brought them into the cabal, solidifying their purpose and objective: Let the whole world know that magick is real. 


Looking over the milestones for the first stage of their objective, they realized finding checkers and chargers to ally with should be their top priority. Aden and Liam had previously done a job for Spiderwoman, one of the most powerful chargers in Louisville. They wanted her to join them but know walking right up to her home would be bad. 

They contacted a minor cabal in Louisville called the Merchants of Venusuians: Four avatars of The Merchant often work closely with Spiderwoman. They reached the MoV's headquarters in Old Louisville and got inside. After literally paying by the word, they convinced the MoVs to arrange a meeting. 

(Sandy refused to pay for one answer costing $3. On their way out, a blind man serving as the MoVs' security refused to let her leave until she paid. After stealing the blind man's glasses and being horrified by what she saw in his eyes (which her mind blanked out), she finally paid up. Stay classy, Sandy.)


Later, they reached Spiderwoman's home in a big apartment building. Once inside, they saw her for the first time: An old, emaciated woman encased in a clear plexiglass coffin. Her belly is swollen from starvation, her hair greasy and uncut, and her fingernails curved inward. Tubes were inserted in her belly and anus for food and waste using amateur surgery. A good dozen of wires and Ethernet cables were plugged into her body.

Liza and Ryan lost their Unnatural rolls. Ryan tried to flee, but Liam pinned him against the wall. Liza frenzied and tried to attack Spiderwoman, but thankfully Sandy coerced her Self to keep her from doing that — and from getting shot by Spiderwoman's security system. After some talk, the cabal asked Spiderwoman to join their side. 

Spiderwoman said no. She's almost ready to godwalk for The Merchant and needs nothing from them. However, she agreed to set up a marketplace with the cabal. They turned over their bank accounts. In return, Spiderwoman would run their financials and make them a modest profit. Liam was a neverwhen person and had no financials. Spiderwoman took a urine sample, a blood sample, and Liam's fingerprints. (Literally. His fingertips are smooth now.)

Spiderwoman told them to seek out Victoria Delariva who might want to join them. Liza contacted Delariva and secured an invitation to a house party. Liza did, and got invitations for everyone. 


That's when the shit hit the fan. 

The party was great. Plenty of drink and weed. Liza, Ryan, and Sandy worked on Delariva while Aden and Liam went upstairs to smoke with Delariva's buddy, Dan Levy. Delariva is head of Mak Attax in Louisville, and she agreed to ally with the cabal. Upstairs, Dan excused himself — and a team of dark-clad, masked thugs attacked, shooting everyone at the party. 

Things got a bit chaotic after that:

  • Sandy used her vestimancy power to create an invisibility cloak for her and Delariva. But Sandy failed an Unnatural roll and ran screaming into the night. 
  • Liza used Stormtrooper Combat Training to save many people's lives, knocked out a thug, and escaped. 
  • Ryan found Dan trying to slip away just before the fight started. Dan called up some mini stone golems from the backyard (nicknamed Rock Penguins). These beat the crap out of Ryan before he managed to get away. 
  • After some questioning, Liam and Aden found out the thugs were hired by The New Inquisition before they too managed to get out. 

The adventure ended with the entire cabal running away. Considering TNI's violence and strength, that's actually the best decision they could have made. 



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